Finding workers a bigger concern than marijuana, say central Ohio’s family businesses

The state’s new medical marijuana law isn’t triggering alarms so far among central Ohio’s family-owned businesses.

Only about a third of the businesses surveyed for the Conway Center’s eighth annual family business forecast say they think they’ll be hurt by the law while 56.3 percent say they don’t expect the law to impact their business.

Jill Hofmans, the center’s executive director and vice president, said she assumed family businesses would have a more negative outlook about the law, which allows Ohioans to get a recommendation from a doctor to buy marijuana to treat any one of 21 conditions such as chronic pain or seizures.

Sales of marijuana under the law began just a few weeks ago with sales totaling about $1.2 million so far, according to the state, which also reported that 159 pounds of marijuana have been sold under the law.

“I just think it’s new and so nobody really knows what it is going to do,” Hofmans said.

The medical marijuana is a new question on this year’s survey. The survey also added questions about the effects of tariffs and the federal tax overhaul on family businesses. The center received responses from 65 businesses.

“They are all hot topics for all businesses, especially family businesses,” she said.

Read more here.

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