Can Anyone Look Cuul Smoking a Juul?

I never got into Juuling. Whenever I tried it, I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio, but not the cool movie version. I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio teething on his e-cigarette at the Screen Actors Guild Awards a few years ago, staring into a glittering void while he considered the emptiness of fame.

I do see the utility of a Juul for a lifelong, addicted smoker: A Juul offers up nicotine without the cocktail of extra cigarette poisons, though this is sometimes obscured by the bad press. But I’ve always fallen into that more frivolous but still concerning category of smoker: the nondaily, or “social,” smoker. Specifically, I only smoke “when I’m drinking,” which is code for “when I’m flirting.” If my doctor asks, I flirt three times a year or less.

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