Prince Harry Reportedly Gave Up Alcohol for Meghan Markle, and His Family Is Thrilled

Prince Harry‘s partying days are over for now—according to a new report from The Daily Express, at least. Sources tell the British publication that Meghan Markle has inspired Prince Harry to give up alcohol during her pregnancy, and it doesn’t stop there: The Duke of Sussex also reportedly kicked caffeine and tea beverages. The royal family, per this story, is “amazed” at the change.

But here’s my question: What does he drink during high tea with the queen if not, well, high tea? Tap water? Sparkling water? A strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun? For the love of Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis, please let it be a strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun.

Of course, take this report with a grain of salt. We don’t really know what’s in Harry and Meghan’s fridge—besides roast chicken—and the sources who talked to The Daily Express sound like former frat bros annoyed that he swapped Natty Lights for Smartwater.

Read the article here.

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