Tend to get too happy at happy hour? Consider mindful drinking

Born in the UK, the “mindful drinking” movement helps those who want to cut back on drinking — but not quit altogether.

The National Institute on Alcoholism and Abuse defines low-risk drinking for women as no more than seven drinks per week and 14 drinks a week for men — but a study published in The Lancet last year might call for a rethink.

Examining data from almost 600,000 participants, the study found consuming more than 100 grams of alcohol — or roughly more than five drinks a week — was associated with an increased risk of mortality and could take years off your life.

If these studies have you examining how much you’re drinking, the “mindful drinking” movement promises to help those with a desire to cut down on their drinking — but maybe not quit altogether. Born in the UK and catching on stateside, mindful drinking has spawned a series of events and a popular book.

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