Congress Is Getting Frustrated With the White House’s Pot Policy

Trump’s long said he supports states’ rights when it comes to cannabis, but new reports suggest some in his administration isn’t ready to give up pot prohibition

A bipartisan group of lawmakers fear there are top White House officials actively working to undermine President Trump’s own marijuana policy — a cannabis deep state, of sorts. On the campaign trail back in 2016, Trump advocated allowing each state to craft their own pot policies, and he’s reiterated as much since entering the Oval Office. But that’s not how policy is shaping up.

This week, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) confirmed a report by Buzzfeed that there’s a committee inside the White House devoted to marijuana policy. While they finally admitted the committee exists, they stopped short of confirming that the panel was seeking only to only spread negative information on marijuana to combat the groundswell of support that cannabis has garnered across the nation. Even some of the president’s Republican allies are up in arms, because they say the president has endorsed their efforts to de-schedule marijuana at the federal level. Still, they continue to be stonewalled.

Continue reading the article here.

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