Inside Ohio’s first licensed Level 1 medical marijuana processing plant

An hour outside of Columbus, nestled between corn and dairy farms, lies Grow Ohio.

It’s a 60,000 square foot greenhouse designed to supply a growing need for medical marijuana.

The plant is the first to be licensed as a Level 1 processing plant.

Inside, there are quadrants of rooms designed to grow the plans from seedlings to adult flowers. Only female plants will grow here because that’s where the medical marijuana is produced.

These tiny marijuana seedlings hold the promise of helping Ohioans find the medical relief they want without having to use pharmaceutical drugs.

“I’ve never said this will be a panacea for all health problems but what we can do to curb the opioid epidemic,” says Josh Frebus Sales Representative for Grow Ohio.

This is Grow Ohio located an hour outside of Columbus.

At a cost of $20 million, this processing plant is projected to grow 16-thousand pounds of medical grade marijuana a year.

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