Men open UA clinic to handle patients seeking medical marijuana

There isn’t any medical marijuana available in Ohio yet, but intrepid folk are getting a head start on building businesses around it.

Ryan Brown, 36, and Brandon Durbin, 30, aren’t doctors, and neither works in the medical industry. But they saw a need for clinics focused on the state’s new medical marijuana program, and so they opened their own — Ohio Green Team — this summer at 1580 Fishinger Road in Upper Arlington.

Green Team is a doctor’s office just for people interested in medical marijuana. It has doctors who understand the state’s nascent law and staff to field questions and find answers.

Both men lost their fathers to opioid addiction. They see medical marijuana as a way to help people suffering from chronic pain and other ailments without the risks of getting hooked on pain pills or heroin.

“This is our chance to have a profound impact on the community,” Durbin said. “This is where we are from.”

Durbin, an Ohio State University graduate, is a software engineer who now lives and works in California. Brown works in marketing and advertising and lives in Powell, though he has also helped run marijuana dispensaries in Michigan.

The two have been friends for years and when they heard about Ohio’s medical marijuana program, they brainstormed ideas about how to get involved. One thing they noticed was that consumers and doctors were both confused about how the program worked.

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