Businesses debate policies for medical marijuana

From a business standpoint, it appears medical marijuana, legal in Ohio this month, will take time to be fully understood and implemented.

“It’ll be a year before the program is truly operational, running at ‘full capacity,’” assessed Andy Joseph, president and CEO of Apeks Supercritical in Johnstown.

Joseph’s company builds the machines that spin the oils out of various things, including marijuana. “We don’t touch the plant material ourselves,” he clarified. “However, our customers use our equipment to do so.”

As for a medical marijuana timeline, Joseph believes it will take a year because it will take that long before “all the hiccups at the testing laboratories and patient access and doctor-patient relationships and licenses and approvals” will be worked out.

Just the oversight of the new law takes three state agencies according to Stephanie Jostomski, the assistant director of communications for the Ohio Department of Commerce. The Ohio Department of Commerce oversees the cultivators, processors and testing labs. The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy oversees dispensary. And the State Medical Board of Ohio oversees doctors and patients.

Continue reading more from the Newark Advocate article.

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