New Report on Fake IDs Makes a Case For Better Training

A recent report: Fake IDs in America: Challenges of Identification and the Critical Need for Training” reminds us that the issues around fake ID go beyond the problem of kids getting into clubs. The author, Susan Dworak, discusses the kind of issues that are created when fake ID is used.

While some may see it as a rite of passage, or think “what’s the harm of a college kid buying a six-pack from time to time?”, the implications and economic costs of fake ID go beyond that, to what Susan Dworak refers to as, “the legal, financial and social consequences resulting from underage drinking”.

The use of a fake ID can affect the person using it, the person checking it, the licensee, and possibly other patrons. As Susan Dworak puts it in this report: “Just one use of one fake ID can result in life-altering consequences for many people.” The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s factsheet on underage drinking states that 11% of alcohol is consumed by 12- to 20-year olds. Though it’s not known how much of this alcohol is acquired using fake ID, it stands to reason that less alcohol would be consumed–and possibly fewer of the negative consequences of underage drinking would occur– if there were fewer fake IDs around.

Continue reading this article here.

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