CBD Oil – legal or not?

The advertisements flood inboxes using marketing lures like “vegan”, “all natural”, and “organic.” These terms draw consumers in while providing vague claims of being a health supplement, a sleep aid, and capable of treating chronic conditions like inflammation and anxiety. Little substantive information is given to justify the reason to purchase, but potential consumers are encouraged to go anywhere on the internet to find tens of thousands of anecdotal reports on the wonders of CBD oil.

These CBD products are pricey and ubiquitous, but are they legal? This question has been asked many times and this week the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, which is one of the State’s bodies overseeing the implementation of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program, provided clarity.

Cannabidiol oil is subject to the state’s medical marijuana law and regulations. These oils are derived from marijuana or hemp which is included in Ohio’s law definition of marijuana. These products can only be dispensed in a licensed Medical Marijuana Control Program dispensary, come from a known source in the program and be tested by laboratories licensed by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Until dispensaries are operational, no one, including board licensees, may possess or sell CBD oil or other marijuana related products.

The intersection of state, federal and local marijuana laws are extraordinarily murky, but this information is important to share.

Take the time to let your communities know that these products are not currently legal in the state of Ohio and when they do become legal, one must have a recommendation from a physician to purchase only from an Ohio licensed dispensary. By writing letters to the editor, including in your newsletters or discussing in an open community forum, you will help clear the mystery around the legal status of these products.

Prevention Action Alliance
September 5, 2018


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