Teens Sneaking Juul E-Cig Into Classroom

Parents, if you want to find out whether your teenagers are “juuling” in school, you might consider checking their Twitter accounts.

That’s what California researchers did, and after sifting through more than 80,000 tweets, they found almost 1 in 25 detailed using the tiny e-cigarette device during class hours.

“We saw posts about using Juul or seeing someone else use Juul in elementary, middle or high school. Posts talked about using Juul in a school bathroom or at recess, and even in gym class,” said lead study author Jon-Patrick Allem. He’s a research scientist at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles.

He said that some posts even included videos, such as kids “juuling” while in a classroom.

Kids didn’t always get away with using Juul in class. Allem said that some posts talked about losing a Juul in class or having it confiscated.

Juul is an e-cigarette device that’s not much bigger than a pack of gum. It contains a USB port for charging, making it easy for educators or parents to mistake the device for a USB thumb drive.

According to the device’s website, Juul was designed to be an alternative to help adult smokers quit smoking. Users snap in a pod that contains a liquid nicotine and flavor. Some of the options include classic tobacco, mint and fruit flavors.

Read more at this link.


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