Rebuilding A Family Fractured By Parental Substance Abuse

Every day, families face addiction and the hardships it creates. As a parent with a partner who suffers from addiction, the heartbreak can seem unfairly punishing. Watching your kids suffer while also witnessing the entire family’s relationship deteriorate with your significant other can make you feel helpless and hopeless. You know your priority is your kids, but the mix of anger, disappointment, regret, and love you feel for your partner is an almost unbearable weight.

There Are No Winners

The sad truth is that there are no winners in families dealing with addiction, regardless of who has the dependency issues. Your children may be in the most difficult position of all, because they are not empowered to change anything about their circumstances. Picking up the pieces when your spouse succumbs to addiction means taking on your children’s heartbreak along with your own. It can also mean taking the blame for the separation in the eyes of your children if they aren’t able to process what is actually happening.

It is important not to overprotect your children from the truth. Not disclosing their other parent’s shortcomings, be it rehabilitation, legal issues, or an unexplained departure, can lead to distrust.

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