Solutions over partisanship. . .

With opioids flooding the streets of Ohio and overdoses happening daily, local law enforcement is looking for ways to detect the deadly drugs earlier while keeping officers safe.

A new high-tech handheld device aims to do just that. Ohio Senators Brown and Portman announced last week a bipartisan bill that would provide grants to purchase the drug-detection devices for local law-enforcement agencies and first responders.

These devices use laser technology to test for thousands of substances often without actually coming in contact with the suspected substance. The result being that field testing can be come less risky and yield quicker test results.

We congratulate Senators Portman and Brown for crossing party lines to address a growing and dangerous concern for those on the frontlines of the opiate epidemic.

Working together to find solutions is one of the best defenses we have. It is important to let our legislators and congress know when they are doing something right. Encouragement and appreciation can go a long way.

Prevention Action Alliance



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