Sophisticated pot operation busted in Cleveland nets some 300 pounds of weed, 250 plants

A sophisticated marijuana growing operation raided by police on Friday netted some 250 plants and 300 pounds of harvested marijuana, which investigators valued at about $300,000.

The operation itself likely cost thousands of dollars. Each of the 500 lights used to grow each plant cost $1,400 a piece, police at the scene said. Investigators hauled the seized evidence away in a large city dump truck. They will weigh all of the seized marijuana and plants, which will ultimately determine how charges are filed against the operator.

The operator was arrested during the raid, but his identity has not yet been released. No formal charges have been filed. The man was released from prison after serving time for growing marijuana, officials said.

Fourth District Police Commander Brandon Kutz said they will confer with county and federal prosecutors on the prosecution of the case.

Kutz touted the raid as a win for the beleaguered Fourth District, which encompasses the southeast quadrant of the city and is the the city’s busiest police district. The district is 23 officers short and is staffing patrol units by asking officers from that district and others to work overtime.

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