Grab a Beer, Because There Might Be a Link to Drinking Every Day and Living Past 90

Could a daily drinking habit be the secret to a long life?

A slew of articles have been published in the wake of a recent American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference panel talk suggesting that a couple of beers or glasses of wine a day can, in fact, be the key to longevity. But three experts who spoke with Men’s Health said the message needs to be reined in a little — and that the findings definitely don’t include binge drinking.

University of California Irvine’s Dr. Claudia Kawas, MD, told listeners during the AAAS panel discussion last Saturday in Austin, Texas, that moderate drinking is linked to a longer life.

Kawas heads up the 90+ Study, which began in 2003 and includes more than 1,600 people who’ve lived to age 90 or beyond. The researchers follow “the oldest-old” — learning about their diets, activities, and brain health over time — to better understand why some people live well into their golden years in better health. The study includes some people who participated in earlier research that started in 1981, which also looked at aging.

“We found if in 1981 you were using alcohol, compared to people your same age who weren’t using alcohol, you lived longer,” Kawas said.

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