Alcohol labelling should tackle health ‘awareness vacuum’

The Royal Society for Public Health has said all alcoholic labelling should carry “mandatory warnings” to tackle the “awareness vacuum” among the public concerning alcohol and health – but is the public interested?

In a report conducted with The Portman Group, the RSPH said the public was still not aware enough of current drinking guidelines or the links between alcohol and diseases such as various cancers.

The RSPH proposed using traffic light colour coding – such as those used on other food items in the UK to indicate levels of fat, salt and sugar – and suggested other information such as the government’s 14 unit guideline, the link between alcohol and cancer and drink driving warnings.

Professor Shirley Cramer of the RSPH told the BBC that 90% of Britons were apparently unaware of the link between alcohol and cancer.*

She said alcohol “continues to lag behind” other items such as tobacco and soft drinks which now carry warnings on their packaging. “If we are to raise awareness and reduce alcohol harm, this must change.”

Continue reading here.

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