Only One in 10 People Know That This Common Drink Can Cause Cancer

Are you one of the 10 percent?

Nothing tastes better than a tall glass of wine after a long day—but you often finish your drink way too quickly. Just a few more can’t hurt, right? Well, not so fast. Truth be told, binging on booze could put you at risk for several forms of cancer, doctors say. (These nine surprising habits could lead to cancer, too.)

Surprised? You’re not the only one. In a recent survey by the Alcohol Health Alliance UK(AHA), a British charity, most people admitted they weren’t aware how damaging alcohol can be for their bodies.

The charity’s data crunchers asked over 2,000 people across the United Kingdom about their attitudes toward alcoholic beverages. Only 10 percent of people know alcohol can cause cancer, the results revealed. Meanwhile, just 16 percent of people are aware of the guidelines for healthy alcoholic consumption.

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