Letter: State can control marijuana’s strength

The Tuesday Dispatch article “Battelle among 9 offering to test pot” offered a ray of hope for the control of “medical marijuana ” in Ohio.

The plants of the marijuana sold illicitly today have been genetically modified to increase the THC content from decades or so ago. Today, Ohio can enforce a THC-content limit of the facilities authorized to grow and/or distribute medical marijuana with a lower THC content through reverse genetic modification or through older plant-stock seeds.

In the near future, authorized plant growers in Ohio would grow only plants with the regulated THC content, which means that all authorized distributors would have only the Ohio-regulated marijuana for sale. All other plants or other distributed marijuana products with a higher THC content, such as imports from other states, could be confiscated and destroyed.

Just as it regulated alcohol content, Ohio will then have a degree of control so that such plants will be within government-authorized limits of THC. All other marijuana would still be illegal.

Read the article here.

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