#AlcoholFreeFor40 challenge: Give up booze for 40 days? Here’s why

The 2018 #AlcoholFreefor40 challenge begins on Feb. 14 and runs through April 1.

Do you think you could give up alcohol for 40 days? How about four weeks, or even four days? It can be a challenge no matter where you live, but here in New Orleans, it can feel nearly impossible.

So much of what we do is centered around alcohol, even outside of the obvious holiday and Carnival seasons.

Cocktails are a part of many of our everyday activities – even those that don’t seem like “drinking events” – from book clubs to running clubs, even baby showers and funerals. And even if we aren’t thinking about alcohol, it often finds us in the most unlikely places: coffee shops, fitness centers and the checkout line at the drug store.

For those who have no issues with moderation, this frequent exposure to alcohol isn’t an issue. They’ll have one drink – or no drinks – and think nothing of it.

For others, however, each day brings with it another event or reason to drink to, and before we know it, we’re drinking every single day.

Read the rest of the article here.


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