Alexa Can Now Track Your Alcohol Consumption

Created by Cancer Research UK, the skill is intended to raise awareness about the connection between alcohol and cancer.

Amazon Echo owners can now ask their digital assistant an important new question: “Alexa, am I a lush?” Well, not literally that, but a new Alexa Skill will let users track how much alcohol they’re consuming and hopefully stay within their target goals. Consider it a perfect companion to the Alexa Skill that lets you order beers.

Launched by the group Cancer Research UK in honor of alcohol awareness week, the My Alcohol Tracker Skill is intended to offer a potentially helpful service while also seeking to better educate people on the link between alcohol and cancer. The skill prompts tech-savvy drinkers to either set a weekly goal or go with Drinkaware’s recommended guidelines. From there, users can use voice commands to say things like, “Alexa, ask my alcohol tracker to add one pint of beer.”

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