Sandusky picks potential site for marijuana facility

Building a medical marijuana facility at a blighted Sandusky site could create a jackpot scenario on many fronts.

During Monday’s public meeting, city commissioners voted 6-1 on allowing a company, called The Forest Sandusky, to apply for one of 60 state-regulated dispensary licenses.

Friday marks the deadline for any Ohio-based municipality to seek out a permit, distributed by state commerce department representatives. The state should announce which political subdivisions secured a license by spring 2018. Then the dispensaries could open by fall 2018.

Sandusky ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. acted as the legislation’s lone dissenter. He disagreed with the facility’s proposed location: 1651 Tiffin Ave. (U.S. 6), a property once home to Hoppers mobile home park and a Sunoco gas station. It’s located near Dollar General by the west end overpass.

“It’s right across from a Catholic cemetery. That’s enough to tip the scale for me,” Murray said. “It also just doesn’t seem like the right use of this gateway piece of property.”

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