Medical marijuana: Businesses offering training for ‘budtenders’

A Florida company already is offering training for people who want to work in those stores.

HempStaff, which is described on the firm’s website as the industry leader in medical-marijuana recruiting and dispensary training, will offer a four-hour course May 19 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Columbus — Worthington hotel on Hutchinson Avenue that would allow graduates to consider themselves “budtenders.”

Tickets for the course are being sold at

Budtenders are the face of the dispensary and the person with whom patients interact with on a daily basis, according to the website.

They are responsible for greeting patients, orienting them about strains and use, methods of delivery and dosage.

A budtender salary usually starts at $12 to $15 per hour, according to the website.

Yagielo said he and his wife, Rose, founded HempStaff in April 2014 when it appeared medical marijuana would be legalized in Florida. The initiative failed that year but a similar effort was approved in 2016.

Yagielo said he has been involved in employment recruiting for almost 20 years since he finished college and his wife does corporate training for hotels and the hospitality industry, so they thought their expertise would work well in filling jobs once medical marijuana operations were up and running.

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