New short report on small suppliers now available

A new report titled Special Rules for Small Brewers, Wineries and Distillers by Pamela S. Erickson, is now available at   

This report describes how the alcohol supplier landscape has dramatically changed. While the market is still dominated by a few large manufacturers, there are now small breweries, wineries and distillers in every state. And many of these small operators work outside the three-tier regulatory system.

Because changes have come a little at a time, it’s difficult to see any adverse impact. But little thought has been given to the effect on our alcohol regulatory system and the problems this system attempts to curtail. This report describes some of the possible outcomes of this erosion.

Special Rules for Small Brewers, Wineries and Distillers illustrates how loosening the rules for one part of the market could lead to unintended consequences such as internet sales to minors, loss of tax revenue to cash-strapped states and loss of product safety that the three-tier system helps insure.

And in some cases, privileges meant to help small businesses and craft industries are now going to large suppliers. In some states, the burden on enforcement has increased due to different rules for new types of licenses.

Special Rules for Small Brewers, Wineries and Distillers is designed to describe the new supplier arena and examine its impact on our regulatory systems.

To view this short report and others, as well as monthly newsletters and other information on alcohol regulation, see

Do you know which 10 states have the most craft breweries, wineries and distilleries?  Find out in:  

Special Rules for Small Brewers, Wineries and Distillers.  

Pam Erickson
Public Action Management 
PO Box 531726 | Henderson, NV 89053
503 / 936-0443

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