Bam Margera Opens Up About His Struggles With Bulimia and Alcoholism

The former reality TV star discussed his battles with an illness most men don’t talk about

Too often, the conversation about eating disorders fails to extend to men. But there are a number of stories out there that prove insecurities about body image aren’t exclusive to women. In March, former One Directioner Zayn Malik revealed that he has struggled with anxiety and an eating disorder in the past. In 2015, one Men’s Health Ultimate Guy contestant spoke about his personal battles with a body dysmorphic disorder, and how the condition nearly left him at death’s door. Now, former MTV reality television star Bam Margera is the latest to open up, as he and his mother spoke with Viceland about his fight with bulimia.

Margera, who appeared in an episode of Epicly Later’d, talked about how his rock star lifestyle as a young man led to a dependency on alcohol. As his mother, April, revealed, this addiction spun out into a regular refusal to eat or hold down his food.

“I didn’t officially start drinking until maybe 24 or 25,” he said. “Then the rockstar life and drinking spun out of control.”

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