Some TTC employees reinstated after failing drug and alcohol tests

Under transit agency policy, workers who admit to an addiction are allowed a chance to keep their jobs.

Being caught impaired at work is not necessarily the end of the line for TTC employees.

Three months into the transit agency’s controversial new random drug and alcohol testing policy, 17 out of the 680 transit workers checked have tested positive for being inebriated on the job, according to TTC figures.

Ten of the employees no longer work for the transit agency, having either resigned or been dismissed. Four cases are still under investigation.

But three of those who tested positive have been allowed to keep their jobs.

Under a TTC policy that is supported by labour law experts, workers who are impaired on the job aren’t fired if they can show that they have an addiction, which the TTC considers a disability.

“We don’t want anybody to be coming to work impaired, needless to say. But at the same time we want people to be healthy,” said TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.

“People have addictions. We want to help them.”

Ross said that for privacy reasons he couldn’t confirm whether the TTC reinstated the three workers because they admitted to a substance abuse problem, but that “any reinstatement after a positive test would almost certainly be for an addiction.”

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