Jefferson Transit considers second-chance drug policy

PORT TOWNSEND, WA — The Jefferson County Transit Authority has proposed a revision to its zero-tolerance drug policy that would give employees a second chance if they fail a drug test.

The proposal was presented, but no action was taken, at a special meeting Sept. 6.

County Commissioners Kate Dean and Kathleen Kler formed a committee with Jefferson Transit General Manager Tammi Rubert to collect more data before a decision is made on the issue.

The next scheduled Transit meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 17 at the Jefferson Transit offices, 63 Four Corners Road.

The proposed plan now has flexibility around marijuana use, stating, “Under very limited circumstances involving marijuana, Jefferson Transit will allow an employee to return to work following a successful treatment and rehabilitation.”

It would also allow the employee to enter into a “last chance agreement” for three years, in which the employee would have to agree to random drug and alcohol testing in order to perform “safety functions,” including driving and mechanical repairs.

The revised policy would put all decisions of the “last chance agreement” into the hands of local substance abuse professionals, rather than Transit staff.

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