State announces medical marijuana dispensary license applications

The state has announced it will begin accepting applications for 60 dispensaries that will sell medical marijuana beginning next September.

The paperwork for dispensary applications was posted online Tuesday by by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. Applications will be accepted only from Nov. 3 to 17.

The dispensaries will be the final step in the process of creating a medical marijuana network in Ohio, action triggered by the passage of House Bill 523 last year. The law will allow people 21 and older who have any of 21 specific medical conditions to get up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana.

In all, 60 dispensaries will be allocated around the state, including five in Franklin County.

The state previously accepted applications to be selected as one of 24 marijuana cultivators — 12 large growers and 12 smaller growers. Decisions on growers will be made in November.

The dispensary applications are next up, followed by testing labs and processors which will turn marijuana into products, including oils, tinctures, patches, edibles and plant material for vaporizing. Medical marijuana is not legal to smoke in Ohio.

To read more, click here.


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