New Study Results on Impaired Driving

You may have seen the recent news that a new study from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) found that the estimated cost of marijuana-impaired driving injuries, collisions, and fatalities totaled more than $1 billion in that country.  This is really big news and something that should be shared through social media!

In response, SAM’s President and former senior White House drug policy advisor Kevin Sabet noted, “There will never be enough tax revenue to pay for the costs of pot legalization. A recent analysis of projected marijuana legalization costs in Rhode Island found that costs like increased enforcement, drugged driving, and workplace accidents would outweigh projected revenues by over 25 percent.”

Beyond projected costs surpassing revenues, legalization also has not proven the tax windfall marijuana special interests claimed. Colorado’s state deficit is currently growing, not shrinking. Alaska’s pot tax revenue will be less than one-fifth of original projections. And the Oregon entities that were supposed to receive funding from pot taxes – like the Common School Fund and drug treatment programs – haven’t seen a dime.

Tony Coder
Director, State and Local Affairs
Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)


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