Register for 6th Annual We Are The Majority Rally

It’s that time of year again — time for youth from all over the state of Ohio to rally together and take pride in the fact that a majority of youth are not abusing substances and are leading the way in mental health wellness.

Most of you are aware of the reputation surrounding April 20th. Given what’s going on with marijuana legalization and teen use, it’s time the Majority takes a stand. We are taking this day back. April 20th needs to resemble a day that youth all over the state can take pride in living healthy, positive lives.

April 20, 2017 we are hosting the 6th annual We Are The Majority rally, open to all of Ohio’s youth. Each year we shut down the streets of downtown Columbus, march to the Statehouse, and make our voice and our mission heard. Join us at the rally and on social media by using #WATMtakes420 and placing substance free activities you would rather take part in after #weedrather.

All of Ohio’s middle and high school students are invited to attend, the event is free to them and their adult leaders, and travel stipends are available! Students who attend will receive free WATM T-shirts.

Register Today!


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