Alcohol Ads Do Not Belong In National Parks

65 organizations, including the ATOD Prevention Group, have united to inform the National Parks Service that national parks are no place for alcohol advertising. Additional efforts are needed to ensure that our message is spread far and wide.

Here are some sample tweets that you can use:

.@NatlParkService: Say ‘NO’ to alcohol commercialism in #nationalparks. #RespectOurParks

 .@NatlParkService: Allowing alcohol logos in parks disregards public health, puts youth at risk #RespectOurParks

 Alcohol ads do not belong in #nationalparks, 66 groups tell @NatlParkService #RespectOurParks

The letter to the National Park Service is available here: alcohol-coalition-letter-to-the-nps-10-26-16.

Please do your part to ensure that alcohol policies are not further eroded by short-sighted efforts.


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