What is Issue 3?

Issue 3, on the November 3 statewide ballot, seeks to change Ohio’s Constitution to grant a small group of wealthy, self-selected investors a marijuana monopoly. Issue 3 also legalizes recreational use and growth of marijuana by individuals 21 years of age and older, and allows every adult (21 and older) in Ohio to grow, possess, and use marijuana.

  • The amendment locks into the Ohio Constitution 10 specified growing sites, the rights to which have already been promised to the small group of self-selected wealthy investors who are supporting and funding the campaign to pass the amendment.
  • The amendment permits more than just “joints.” It allows for marijuana-infused products such as marijuana brownies, marijuana cookies, and marijuana candy (lollipops and gummy bears), posing a very attractive threat to young people. Often, these infused products contain extremely high concentrations of THC, the active component in marijuana.
  • In addition to allowing for recreational use, Issue 3 will flood Ohio with marijuana. This amendment allows for the creation of 1,159 retail marijuana stores – that’s more locations than Starbucks or McDonald’s, and nearly three times the number of state liquor stores.

Buddie: The Joe Camel of Marijuana

Buddie, the cape-clad superhero with a green marijuana bud for a head and 6-pack abs is the newest innovation from Responsible Ohio. Buddie is on the road visiting Ohio’s college campuses, most recently The University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University.

Thus far organizations on both sides of the legalization debate have publicly denounced Responsible Ohio’s use of Buddie, citing the mascot’s appeal to children. The Master Settlement (1998) limits tobacco advertising, marketing, and promotions of cigarettes, however, no such agreements are in place related to marijuana. Buddie is a prime example of marijuana commercialization and it is paramount that communities be informed about the impact this will have on Ohio’s children and young adults.

Opportunities for Action:
• Read Responsible Ohio’s Constitutional Amendment: https://www.drugfreeactionalliance.org/marijuana_ballot_ini…
• Take the Marijuana Quiz: https://www.drugfreeactionalliance.org/marijuana-quiz
• Share the Marijuana Fact Sheets with those in your friends and family: https://www.drugfreeactionalliance.org/marijuana_resources
• Discuss your expectations related to drugs with your children early and often
• Be vocal and share your thoughts related to Responsible Ohio’s plan through social media

As Ohio faces marijuana expansion be a responsible citizen and be aware of the impact that Responsible Ohio’s constitutional amendment will have on our communities for years to come. It doesn’t make families healthier or communities safer – Vote No on Issue 3!

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